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If you want to receive further information about me and my work, please send an email to: info(at)bettinabruder.com

I‘m an artist, designer and lecturer working and teaching in different areas of communication and human experiences. My work is situated within three areas in relation to Daniel Fallman‘s interaction design research triangle with design explorations, design studies and design practice.

Work examples

- Elastic design - tools for alternative understandings
My PhD at UNSW Sydney can be found here: unsworks

- Ortho I-III
These pages work only on mobile phones with position sensors. Pan your phone around and search for a visual signal. You may need to allow the sensors of your device to be used by tapping the buttons on the top right, then reload the page: Ortho I (Search) Ortho II (Sky) Ortho III (Bush)

- Disorienting Descartes
Play with the cartesian grid by mousedown - moving the cursor over the grid. Change the modes of elasticity top left here: Disorienting Descartes

- Videos of elastic design Vimeo showcase

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